Annual Parish Meeting

2017 Annual Meeting

minutes 04 17 APM

1 – Parish Council

Accounts summary 16 17

2 – South Norfolk Council Annual Report

3 – County Council Report

4 – Charities reports

7 – Marlingford Village Hall Report

8 – Colton VH minutes 04 17 APM

9 – Tree Warden Report

2016 Annual Meeting

An Annual Parish Meeting must be held between 1 March and 1 June each year. In this parish it is normally held during April of each year. Although organised by the Chairman of the Parish Council it is not a Parish Council Meeting. Due to the timing of the meeting it is not possible for a final financial report to be presented and the simplified accounts presented are provisional and subject to audit by government appointed auditors.

Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 12 Apr 16

Simplified Accounts 2015-2016

Chairman’s Report 2016